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Corina Thomas
Artist | Student | Other
United Kingdom
I am an architecture graduate with a keen interest in manga, films, architecture, music and nature.

Current Residence: Manchester (and London)

Brief update: starting a job in August in Manchester as an architectural assistant woo. Been on a fab sailing holiday in Greece and about to head off to Romania for another awesome trip with my church. Feeling a bit scared of the future but excited too. Sad to have left uni for real now, though graduation was a laugh :)

Right, now that's over with...

Sword Art Online
I know this anime is old news now since the second season just started releasing, but having just finished it I thought I'd give it a plug. Despite the odd cliché and the  ridiculous damsels-in-distress that pop up most episodes, something made me keep watching this, and I'm glad I did. The premise of a bunch of people getting trapped in a virtual MMO doesn't sound original off the bat (and I'm guessing from the amount of references in comments to .hack and the like that it isn't at all) but the series' handling of it is charming. I like that every episode has a lot of drama and the story advances fairly quickly. The animation is lovely and I keep wanting to draw those the outfits are all eye-catching and unique. Plus you really care for (most of) the characters. In some episodes the amount of feels is overwhelming...drawbacks are like I said, typical anime clichés and moments where previously strong heroines suddenly wimp out. But otherwise a great anime.

Guilty Crown
I saw redjuice999's drawings for this anime in an artbook and liked the look of some of the characters. Not got very far, but there is always something interesting to keep you watching. It's pretty dark, and Inori annoys me for being such an emotionless doll most of the time, but I guess that's her role. Gai, on the other hand, is made of awesome and reminds me of a more serious version of my character Vex. He should be the main character XD

X-Men: Days of Future Past
If you liked First Class you'll probably like this. I really felt for Mystique's character in this one, and there are some great funny moments, as well as heart-wrench moments. However, given that I saw this quite recently and I can't really remember much about it, maybe it wasn't that great. But I enjoyed it at the time and I look forward to X-Men: Apocalypse. (Also, apparently Wolverine is going to appear in a non X-Men film soon, interesting.)

And last but definitely not least...

The latest animation from RedvsBlue creators Monty Oum and  RoosterTeeth, this pseudo-anime has really surprised and delighted me. Following a group of magic-using, epic weapon-toting teenagers in their high school studies, Harry Potter this is not. Because it is animated in Poser, the fight scenes are amazingly quick and varied, with the camera performing acrobatics to show off each character's special attacks. The facial expressions are restrained but attractive (apart from the times people randomly become chibis which doesn't really fit.) The show goes from strength to strength - original weapons (who doesn't want a scythe that doubles as a gun and a method of propulsion?), memorable outfits and character designs and charming villains. But what I love the most is how funny it is. The humour plays on the odd standard joke but then the dialogue is so quirky and off-beat you can't help but enjoy it. You have to give the show a few episodes to get into the weird animation and plot, and to get past the standard new-school 'oh look I made my first friend and my first enemy' thing. But seriously, it is worth it, and at 7mins30 an episode, it's not that much of your life lost :P 

Favourite Music at the moment
I'm not really that up to date on new albums XD

Bombay Bicycle Club - So Long, See You Tomorrow. A fantastically original album. 'Luna' is just epic, and though short the whole album never gets old.
CHVRCHES - The Bones Of What You Believe. So fuuuuuun and the vocals are gorgeous. I have a weakness for poppy synths, apparently.
Foals - Holy Fire. This album works well as a whole and my favourite song changes every time. 'Milk and Black Spiders' is great but 'Late Night' gets in your head.
Duologue - Song and Dance. 'Machine Stop' and 'Push It' are my favourites, the way they surge with a build up of rhythm and instruments. Dark, but deep.
SOHN - I don't gel with all their stuff, but I love 'Tremors' and the single 'Artifice.'
Todd Terje - It's Album Time. More groovy synths, especially 'Swing Star Pt.1'
Random feelgood songs - 'Busy Earnin' ' by Jungle, 'Default' by Django Django, 'Chocolate' by The 1975.

And that is all from me now. I have been drawing, yes, but I have been mostly frustrated at how poor my manga drawings are compared to all the art I admire. So I copy stuff, try and work out how to make dramatic poses, and end up drawing another weird, stiff-limbed person with a boring outfit. I don't know whether I have creative block after uni or if I'm just out of practice. I blame wasting time on the internet too! So now I'll sign off and get back to drawing! 
  • Mood: Questionable
  • Listening to: All sorts
  • Reading: The stars
  • Watching: Too many cartoons
  • Playing: The waiting game
  • Eating: My hat
  • Drinking: in the sights and sounds

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